Current Job Openings - Web Content Manager

Responsibilities of the Web Content Manager

Career prospects

If you're lacking experience you'll usually start your career as a web content assistant, writer or editor of the website, company blog or social media account.

After a couple of years your next step up may be to an intermediate level where you'll fulfil a role such as web content coordinator.

Once you've achieved a web content management role you could take on more responsibility and become a digital content manager, which typically includes working on social media accounts, blogs and digital marketing campaigns. You may gain more strategic responsibility and become a website manager or head of digital in your organisation, where you'll be responsible for helping to steer the direction of the company's digital strategy.

The skills you acquire as a web content manager lend themselves to a sideways career move into areas such as project management, digital marketing, and digital publishing and archiving.

Qualifications and Experience

You don't need a formal qualification to become a web content manager, however a degree can provide useful experience in writing, editing, presenting and group coordination, particularly if it's mainly assessed through essays and presentations.

A degree or qualification in a similar subject to the website you are managing can be advantageous as you'll be able to apply your knowledge to identify gaps and inaccuracies in the content.

Skills and experience are most important and these can be gained through education, work experience and volunteering opportunities.

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